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Biker Envy

27 Mar

An annual ritual that I’ve had since the first time I rode on a motorcycle (at 12 years old, about 8 years ago) is “Biker Envy.” I plan on getting a bike. I’ve had dreams about my own bike. All of my dreams of adulthood since I was 12 have involved motocycles. I find myself checking out motorcycles the moment that it warms up to 65 farenheit in Utah, because that is when all the bikers start riding after a dry spell through winter.

This bike (although it's a bmw which isn't that good) it is a nice looking bike and appears that it would handle well, plus it's survived this long...

This year, I got it bad.

Mostly because I’ve had my eye on a bike on ksl for 1 year, and it was sold last week. Mostly because that is going to be my first major purchase as soon as I can get a job, which will be this summer. But mostly because I’ve turned 20, and by now I thought I would have been riding a bike for 3 years. Plus it looks like I’m not going to be able to save up enough money to buy my bike until after the summer, which will give me a month tops to safely ride it before next summer. Which really hurts. It means that I won’t be an actual experienced rider until I’m 21, even if I do ride nonstop during that month.

Plus my Dad’s motorcycle (1978 Yamaha Verago 750) has a broken starter which means that I can’t even ride on the back until it gets fixed (which might take forever because my dad’s not even looking interesting in fixing it) and because all of my motorcycle riding friends have moved out-of-state.

I have Biker Envy so bad that when my friends notice a really hot guy on a motorcycle, and they think I saw him because my head was following his bike, I can’t even remember the gender of the rider. Because I’m busy checking out their ride. I also wave at every single rider, because deep down I know we’re cut from the same cloth.

I’ll admit I’ve been flirting with riders, too. It’s just a fact that bikers are hotter, though not so much if they have a bullet bike. Bullet Bike riders seem to not get the point of a bike, plus all of that plastic covers up what could be a powerful bike.

Whenever I walk past the motorcycle parking at my college to the bus stop and I see a younger rider strapping on their helmet, I’m always tempted to ask, “Can you just take me on a ride around the block?” Because I want a ride so bad.

I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to motorcycles and I have a huge case of Biker Envy, this year.


Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll be confessing my love of college.

14 Feb

There are some things about College that can make it frustrating, tiring, and well worth your time.

I’ve been going to school for a couple weeks now. I also carpool with my friend, and she works out for 2 hours after we get out of class. Which generally means I get to show my appreciation for our school including a free computer lab in the libary. (and the vending machine that charges you $1.50, no matter what drink you choose.)

A Couple great things about school is that all of the teachers are picked by hand by the dean… so they all generally think the same thigns about many things. (Of course that really only matters if you go to a school where you’re likely to get a long with all of them). Because of this, there is no weird transition phase from class to class… you either enjoy it, or you don’t.

Everything you learn in school tends to tie in together in some way, other disciplines have different theories that basically mean the same thing…. and when you apply all of them, you have some pretty serious theory power. Like for example, in my humanities class this morning we were talking about war and things that I learned in (technically A.P. English) English 1010, and in history class, MLK Jr and  Thoreau and all that.

In Education we were talking about the start of education in the U.S., even going into the colonial period… which is what we just finished up in American Civ.

In Anthropology we were talking about how American standard language tends to favor male words opposed to female words and how that affects the views of women in american culture.

In Communication, we switched and talked about how the only way of fixing one person in a family whose having issues is by looking at the problem as a whole. Talking about the way that enculturation in Anthro can lead to biases and specific gender roles, made it so I was able to get some better insight into an example of a dysfunctional family and their communication with each other.

It’s strange… So far every class I’ve had in college have had some sort of weird hook up together. While this makes it easy to remember generally what’s going on in every class… it makes it hard to remember what qualitative means in the communication definition versus the anthropology definition. Or symbols…. or whatever other words link up. Makes tests pretty hard.

I love all of my professors… I get along with them very well, and generally we have very enjoyable discussions on things. They remember strange details about my conversations with them and can pull out random information about me at any moment.

I love that I can walk into the student center and expect something to be going on that will give me free food. I love that there’s so many options at school and that they tell students to make up clubs that they want that the school doesn’t have (they also back said clubs financially). I love the almost free-vending machine in the library. I love that I can print without worry in the library, that I can borrow books I need for classes, that I have friends that work in the school and at any time I can go over and talk to them and they don’t get in trouble. I love that all of the students in my classes actually care and add to the discussions. I love that a teacher will tell us to go home because they’re not in the capacity to actually teach.