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Back to school,…

30 Aug

Back to school, again! Finally. Spent the summer pulling 50 hour week shifts at a Department Store, in stock, so it was a pretty tough job.

Like many college students I’m working while putting myself through school. It’s hard, tiring and with my work schedule it’s hard to get any of my homework done the night before class. Since it’s only the second week, I’ve had a hard go of it. I work from 4am-10:30am, get to my Math class by 11am, and have an new assignment due 4/4 days a week. I stay at school until 7:50pm, for my language class.

I’m going to tell you all my secret, what I do is get a course schedule (either from the teacher or directly copy it from the syllabus), and I plan out my weeks. I list the 15-17 weeks for that semester, and under class headings, I put a  and then put areas to fill in the homework assignments all with the days they’re do.

So it looks like this.

September 3rd-7th     Engl 2010                                               BIOL 1010     ITL 3420

                                1. Read text 24-38 (3)                             1.                 1.

                                2. Write Comparison Paper (6)                2.                  2.

                                3.                                                         3.                  3.

                                4.                                                         4.                  4.

                                5.                                                         5.                  5.

(Only it’s in Open Office, so it looks a lot nicer. I leave some purposely blank, so while I’m in class, if something new springs up that wasn’t in the syllabus (like random assignments, readings and extra credit assignments) I’m able to use the same paper. (Of course I keep a file of it on my computer too.)

So at a glance I can see how much homework I must get done this week, and for those days when a class is cancelled, and I’m hanging out in the library, so I can see what’s due the next week, so I can get a head in my classes. Or so I know exactly what I might be hurting if I procrastinate.

College may be considered hard, and working may be considered hard, but if you utilize the time that you have between your classes properly, you won’t have much, if any homwork left to do come the weekend. Then, you can either relax, or hang out with your friends.

Just remember to get enough sleep!

-Real College Girl


Procrastination Ponderings.

19 Apr

Sorry, it’s been so long since my last post.

(Don’t ya just love the alliteration of the title?)

As you can imagine, things got really busy.

That’s one that’s unique about school, no matter what, come the end of the semester… someone’s stressing out hardcore and everyone’s rushing to get things done.

The end of the semester is also a terrible time to procrastinate. I’ll admit, I’m a born procrastinator, through and through, my parents procrastinated, my grandparents did it and I’d be willing to bet that even my great grandparents (with the exception of one special man who rode his bike to work until he was 91, somehow that doesn’t fit the image I have of him.). So of course, I’m pro at procrastinating, not so much at getting things done. though.

I procrastinate so often, that I rarely recognize that I’m doing it, it’s just like falling asleep in class, you don’t mean to do it, but it really makes you feel better for a bit.

Procrastination is cheap relief. Saying, “You know what? Screw the fact that I’ve got 10 papers to finish by end of the week. I’m going to watch Moulin Rouge for the 32nd time.” (Moulin Rouge is coincidentally one of my favorite movies, that says a lot considering that the only way that I procrastinate is through movies and T.V., so I have a lot of shows and movies that I stay busy with. ) It destresses the individual (if you’re as good at it as I am, and can completely ignore the time-sensitive things) until it comes time that whatever the individual is procrastinating comes due.

So yeah, I’m probably a little less stressed than most kids at my school (since we’re literally a week away from finals week), with the exception of the go-getters. However, the thing about procrastination is, it’s really just piling up a whole bunch of important, necessary and time-sensitive things into a wagon, that’s just barely off the edge of a cliff, and soon enough it will all come tumbling down at once.

So today, I’m thinking that College, especially come finals week and the end of the semester, is really just an excerise to try and stop kids from procrastinating. It’s seeming less and less about challenging your mind, your opinions and your version about reality and more about, “Did you do that assignmenet?”.

Just like in High School… I suppose it makes sense that this pattern would continue considering that there’s still a valedictorian and you can recieve money for having good grades. (BTW: President’s list and Dean’s list… so not a myth).  I’ll admit that I thought that college would be more challenging mentally and intellectually. But I find it’s more about who can take the hit, who can get the grades and all that.

I know that I’ll probably continue (procrastinating), even when it’s done, being in my nature and liking myself enough to not really feel a need to change anything…

So yeah, I’m probably a procrastinator for life. Which leads to some stressful late nights. But on brightside, I learn to get things done quickly (once I start them), do them well (without this skill I would still fail with staying until 3 am) and how to buy myself more time (with teachers and not seem like a slacker).

We’ll see if I can outrun the wagon, that surely is piled too high already, and ready to come flying off the cliff, heading directly for me.

Good luck with beating Procrastination, Fellas.

-Real College Girl.